白乐寒,浙江杭州人,北京大学英文硕士。双语写作,作品见于《科幻世界》《克拉克世界》(Clarkesworld) 等刊,获第29届银河奖最佳短篇奖,入选《中国最佳科幻作品》《未来文字》(Futugrammi)等选集,被翻译为英法意等语言。

Bella Han is a Chinese writer and winner of the Galaxy award. Her work has appeared in Clarkesworld, Science Fiction World, and other magazines and anthologies. She earned a MA in English from Peking University, writes in both Chinese and English, and draws.

中短篇小说 Stories

扑火 “Amorville”

You don’t have to HAVE anything, not even love. Trapped in a mundane, monotonous life, Eva finds solace in a “neuromersive” machine and a “neuromersive” movie star, yet it is always dangerous to love something more real than reality.

  • 《科幻世界》201706
    Science Fiction World, June 2017
  • 《2017中国最佳科幻作品》,人民文学出版社,2018
    Best Chinese Science Fiction of 2017, People’s Literature Publishing House, 2018
  • 第29届银河奖最佳短篇
    Best Short Story, the 29th Galaxy Award, November 2018
  • (美国)《克拉克世界》201909,作者译
    Clarkesworld, issue 156 – September 2019. Translated by the author
  • 《大地的年轮:中国都市科幻小说佳作选》,新星出版社,2023
    Growth Rings of the Earth: Chinese Urban Science Fiction, New Star Press, 2023
盒中天使 “Angel in the Box”

A Divine Comedy of an AI in New York.

  • 第6届豆瓣阅读征文大赛决赛入围作品
    Finalist, the 6th Douban Read Writing Contest, November 2018
归乡 “Cavatina”

On the edge of a galaxy, Star Children are playing with marbles made of stars and planets. Their game is interrupted by a peculiar object sent by another lonely species.

  • 《科幻世界》201901
    Science Fiction World, January 2019
致海伦 “To Helen”

This city belongs to the forever-young. Helen still looks 25, and I look 35. Yet, like all women in the city, we have witnessed the ruins of our lives.

  • 《科幻世界》201907
    Science Fiction World, July 2019
  • 《2019中国最佳科幻作品》,人民文学出版社,2020
    Best Chinese Science Fiction of 2019, August 2020
  • 《未来文字:中国当代科幻》,(意大利)未来小说出版社,2021
    Futugrammi, Future Fiction, 2021
  • (美国)《克拉克世界》202306,作者译
    Clarkesworld, issue 201 – June 2023. Translated by the author
The Otherness Trilogy: “Sea of Fertility”

It is the greatest city ever built; it is the Internet. In Laputa, a virtual city where everyone dwells 16 hours a day and no one cares about anyone, my elder brother vanished. No one, but Jonny and I, cares, and we’ll follow him back to the eve of the Internet and retrieve what is lost in Laputa: the true life.

  • 《科幻世界》202105
    Science Fiction World, May 2021