白乐寒,幻想小说作者。浙江杭州人,北京大学英文硕士,世界华人科幻协会理事。双语写作,作品见于《科幻世界》《克拉克世界》(Clarkesworld) 等刊,获第29届银河奖最佳短篇奖,入选《中国最佳科幻作品》《中国科幻经典大系》《未来文字》(Futugrammi)等选集,被翻译为英法意等语言。

Bella Han is a Chinese science fiction and fantasy writer. She earned a MA in English at Peking University and won the 2018 Galaxy Award with her first sci-fi novelette “Amorville.” Her works have been included in a number of anthologies including the annual Best Chinese Science Fiction and translated into multiple languages. She writes in Chinese and English, translates, and draws in Hangzhou, China.

中短篇小说 Short Fiction

扑火 “Amorville”

You don’t have to HAVE anything, not even love. Trapped in a mundane, monotonous life, Eva finds comfort in a neuromersive machine and a neuromersive movie star–yet it is always dangerous to love something more real than reality.

盒中天使 “Angel in the Box”

The Divine Comedy of an AI in New York.

  • 第6届豆瓣阅读征文大赛决赛入围作品
    Finalist, the 6th Douban Read Writing Contest, November 2018
归乡 “Cavatina”

On the edge of a galaxy, Star Children are playing marbles made of stars and planets. They are interrupted by a strange object sent by a lonely species from a remote galaxy that no longer exists.

  • 《科幻世界》201901
    Science Fiction World, January 2019
致海伦 “To Helen”

This city belongs to the forever-young. Helen still looks 25 and I, 35, yet like all women in the city, we have seen the ruins of our lives.

The Otherness Trilogy: “Sea of Fertility”

It is the greatest city ever built; it is the Internet. In Laputa, a virtual city where everyone dwells 16 hours a day and no one cares about anyone, my elder brother vanished. No one, but Jonny and I, cares, and we’ll follow him back to the eve of the Internet and retrieve what is lost in Laputa: the true life.

  • 《科幻世界》202105
    Science Fiction World, May 2021
The Otherness Trilogy: “Palace of Silence”

A deadly mist devoured the earth. The rich moved to the moon and became the Heavenlings. 50 years later, an Earthling boy meets a Heavenling girl and guards her back home. Through the sinister urban wastelands and up to the moon, they realize that no poetry can survive either world.

译作 Translations

沉溺 “Immersion”
  • 艾利亚特·德波达
    By Aliette de Bodard
  • 豆瓣阅读同文馆 2014
    Douban Read: Tongwen Guan, January 2014
圣邓诺毒药女校 “St. Dymphna’s School For Poison Girls”
  • 安吉拉·斯拉特
    By Angela Slatter
  • 《科幻世界译文版》201712(合译)
    SFWorld: Translations, cooperated with A’gu, December 2017
婚礼夜之梦 “A Wedding Night’s Dream”
  • 蒂姆·普拉特
    By Tim Pratt
  • 《科幻世界译文版》201810
    SFWorld: Translations, October 2018
扑火 “Amorville”

活动 Events

  • 第四届中国(成都)国际科幻大会/2017中国科幻大会 嘉宾
    Guest, the 4th China (Chengdu) International Science Fiction Conference/China Science Fiction Convention 2017, November 11.
  • 2018中国科幻大会 论坛嘉宾
    Guest and panelist, China Science Fiction Convention 2018, November 23.
  • 第五届中国(成都)国际科幻大会 嘉宾
    Guest, the 5th China (Chengdu) International Science Fiction Conference, November 22.
  • 世界华人科幻协会 理事
    Council member, World Chinese Science Fiction Association, April 16.